You are not alone. Get help now.

Rape is wrong. Battering must end. Break the silence. Report violence.

Victims of domestic violence and sexual assault do have rights. No one deserves to be battered or abused. All sexual contact without consent is against the law. You can get help for yourself and your children or for friends, coworkers and relatives. 

Casa Luz – for Spanish speaking families. Urgent and crises clients in-person, other counseling by phone. (901) 500-8214 – leave message or text 24/7.

Family Safety Center – safety planning and evaluation for Orders of Protection by phone, (901) 222-4400 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Emergency sheltering for high risk clients. Crisis line (901) 249-7611.

Kindred Place – phone, email and video chat for counseling and educational services; accepting new clients and continuing in-person sessions on case-by-case basis. (901) 276-2200.

Memphis Child Advocacy Center – staff on campus for critical child sexual abuse and other severe abuse services for children 13 and under, otherwise available by phone and email. Multi-agency investigative team continues to meet daily via video conference. (901) 525-2377.

Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center – assistance with Orders of Protection in critical safety cases (screening via telephone). Counselors and victim advocates available via (901) 222-3950 or online request 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.  24/7/365 sexual assault forensic exams and hotline (901) 222-4350.

YWCA DV Crisis Hotline – phone interview for possible emergency shelter (901) 725-4277.


Women’s Resource & Rape Assistance Program (WRAP) 1-800-273-8712. Located at 512 Roland Ave, Jackson, TN 38301

I need help.

Rape is a crime: Sexual contact without consent is against the law.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, please call the Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center at 901-222-4350.

If you are currently experiencing domestic violence, please call the Memphis Police Department DV Unit at 901-636-3741 or the Family Safety Center of Memphis and Shelby County at 901-222-4400.

Kindred Place: 901-276-2200

YWCA DV Crisis Hotline: 901-725-4277

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office: 901-222-4479 (for DV and Rape)

I want to help.

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Learn more about domestic violence and sexual assault, recognize the signs and take action to stop it.

There are many organizations and agencies and events in the Memphis and Shelby County community which provide opportunities for volunteers who wish to help with the problems of family violence. It will take a whole community to change solve such a difficult problem.

Donate to Sexual Assault Resource Fund to support the work of Memphis Says NO MORE and the Memphis Sexual Assault Kit Task Force.

Full List of Resources

Memphis & Shelby County Community Resources

For sexual violence survivors/victims in need of service: Shelby County Crime Victims Center & Rape Crisis Center 901-222-4350

Memphis Child Advocacy (for children 13 and under) 901-525-2377

For information on your case: MPD Hotline 901- 636-3438

Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Information

Domestic Violence Victims in the Workplace

Operation Safe Community Crime Report

To support work of the Memphis Area Women’s Council and Memphis Says NO MORE:

Sexual Assault/Rape:

Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center
24/7 help for victims of sexual assault
(901) 222-4350
1060 Madison Avenue 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Non-emergency MPD Sex Crimes:
(901) 636-3438
For information on your case: MPD Hotline (901) 636‐3438 or email

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
(901) 222-4479 for rape and DV

Domestic Violence:

Circle of Inspiration Outreach Program
Semi-monthly Christian support program; victim advocacy
(901) 214-4577

Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program
Serves disadvantaged DV victims
Hotline (901) 272-2221
4023 Knight Arnold Road

Community Legal Center
Legal assistance
(901) 543-3395
910 Vance Avenue

Family Safety Center of Memphis and Shelby County
Comprehensive civil, criminal, health and social services for victims of family violence
(901) 222-4400 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday
1750 Madison Avenue, Suite 600

Kindred Place
Comprehensive services for victims, perpetrators and children; lethality assessments, custodial evaluations
(901) 276-2200 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
2180 Union Avenue

The Healing Word Counseling Center
Counseling and various services
(901) 370-4673
3885 Tchulahoma Road

Memphis Area Legal Services
Comprehensive legal services to eligible domestic violence victims
(901) 523-8822 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
22 N. Front Street, 11th floor

Memphis Area Women’s Council/Employer Alliance Against Violence/Memphis Says NO MORE
Community advocacy, awareness and education; system coordination, change and support; prevention; Employer/workplace outreach “Violence at Home. Victims at Work. Employers Confront Domestic Violence”
(901) 378-3866 

Memphis Child Advocacy Center
Counseling for child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse
(901) 525-2377
1085 Poplar Avenue

Memphis Police Department Domestic Violence Investigative Unit
Assault investigation, transport to victim services
(901) 636-3741
1750 Madison Avenue

Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center
Court assistance, orders of protection, counseling, support groups
(901) 222-3950  8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
1060 Madison Avenue

Shelby County District Attorney General’s DV Unit
Prosecution of DV cases; victim advocacy and links to services
(901) 222-1485
1750 Madison Avenue

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office DV Unit
Investigations (901) 222-5600; Non-emergency/reports (901) 379-7625
1750 Madison Avenue

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
Social services, child protection
(901) 947-8800 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
1925 S. Third St.

YWCA of Greater Memphis
Shelter for abused women with children; counseling, court advocacy, Immigrant Women’s Services
24-hour Hotline (901) 725-4277

State Domestic Violence Resources

Get Help – Statewide locations, links and services


Women’s Resource & Rape Assistance Program (WRAP) 1-800-273-8712. Located at 512 Roland Ave, Jackson, TN 38301

National Resources

National NO MORE Campaign

National NO MORE Verbal Abuse Campaign

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

National Resource Center for Domestic Violence

How Memphis Communities Can Respond to Domestic Violence Victims

How the general public can respond to and help domestic violence victims

How the faith community should respond to domestic violence victims

How legal professionals can help domestic violence victims

How medical professionals can help domestic violence victims

How employers can respond to and help domestic violence victims

Helpful Guides and Articles

Understanding Consent

A Survivor’s Guide to Sexual Assault

Report on Domestic Violence and connection to Traumatic Brain Injuries

Understanding the Me Too Movement: A Sexual Harassment Awareness Guide

The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women – helpful information about protecting yourself from harassment online and on social media

A Guide to Domestic Violence and Getting Help

How victims of domestic violence can afford transitional housing

Redefining Masculinity: Men as Allies in the Fight against Gender Violence, by Chelsea Tait Lucas

*Accurate as of September 2019